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Earth Science Kits

Here you will find a variety of science kits designed especially to help teach students about Earth's features, including its lands, waters, and atmosphere.  When you're done here, be sure to check out some fun educational science games and toys.

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All About Volcanoes

All About VolcanoesAll About Volcanoes is more than just a typical baking soda and vinegar science experiment. Your child can learn about, paint and create 7 realistic volcanoes with lava eruptions up to 6 feet high. Finished volcano landscape measures approximately 10" x 12in.  Ages 8 and up.

GeoSculpt™ 3-D Project Kit

GeoSculpt 3-D Project KitWith the GeoSculpt™ 3-D Project Kit, you'll make a colorfully detailed, 3-dimensional map with sculpted landforms such as mountains, valleys, waterways, and more. Kit includes foam, plaster, paints and illustrated step-by-step instructions .Perfect for school projects like volcano models, too!

Water Cycle Model

Water Cycle ModelWith this three-dimensional plastic model, your child can dulplicate three stages of the water cycle: evaporation, condensation and precipitation. The Water Cycle Model kit includes an eight page activity guide and a set of ten 8.5" by 11" colorful water cycle study cards. Grades 4 and up.

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