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Geography Resources

Most of the websites found under this section are focused on physical geography—places, landforms, waterways, climate, and other aspects of Earth's physical features.  When you are done looking here, click on over to our Social Studies/History links. For retail curriculum products and non-free resources, see our geography curriculum section.

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50 States and Capitals
Find facts and statistics on all 50 states at this helpful website.
Classroom Antarctica
A comprehensive online teaching resource produced by the Australian Antarctic Division. It is particularly aimed at grades 5 to 8. Each unit has a selection of adaptable activities that you can mix and match to meet your child's needs.
Educator Resources from National Geographic
Search National Geographic Education for online adventures, maps and geography, lesson plans, history activities, a teacher's store, and much more!
Epic Voyages: Uncovering the World
This website centers around the explorers who have left their discernible mark on the parallels of time. Read about the great voyagers who after treading through uncharted territories revealed unknown lands.
FactFinder Kids' Corner
Interactive map of fun state facts.
All in one geography site for climate, flags, maps, countries, geology, country codes, airport codes, and great places.
Geography Glossary
Interactive Landform Map
HRW World Atlas
A great map resource from Holt, Rinehart, and Winston
Kids Web Japan - Explore Japan
Here you'll find everything you want to know about Japan, from basic facts to descriptions of Japanese lifestyle, culture, and traditions.
MapStats for Kids
This site provides visitors with a fun way to explore statistical concepts and geography. "MapStats for Kids", using a series of games and web applications, introduces visitors to the rich sets of data Federal agencies make available through FedStats.
Mission:Explore is a game, but not as you know it. There are two aims to the game. One is to collect points and unlock rewards. The other is to experience the world in new ways by doing vitally important random and warped challenges. The more missions you do the more rewards you'll unlock and the more fun you'll have during your stay on planet Earth.
National Geographic Kids
Kids will find fun games, videos activities, and more!
Online Map Creation
Create maps interactively at this site. Fill out the form, submit your entries and a page with the desired map will be returned to your browser. The maps are actually created by the "Generic Mapping Tools" (GMT). This means a PostScript* version is drawn first which you can download onto your harddisk after completion. The PNG-version (the one you get to see in your browser window) may be saved by terms of your browser.
Rader's Geography4Kids.com
Geography4Kids.com teaches the basics of physical geography and earth sciences to all ages. The site has sections on earth energy, earth structure, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the biosphere, climates, and bgc cycles (biogeochemical). If you are looking for physical geography or earth science basics, visit this informative website complete with live cameras, activities & quizzes, and real world examples.
Smithsonian's My Wonderful World Geographic Resources
Explore rich online resources created by Smithsonian experts for learning more about our world. Discover education resources and information, lesson plans, field trips, and fun interactive activities for educators, families, and students. All based on Smithsonian museum collections and research.
Stately Knowledge
Stately Knowledge offers facts about the United States. These web pages will help you find out the basic facts of any state in the Union, including Washington, D.C. Need to know the capital of Alabama? Want to know which hockey teams are in California? How about the size of Montana? All that information is here — and more!
The Traveler IQ Challenge
Practice locating countries, states, capitals, and cities, and identifying flags and historical places with The Traveler IQ Challenge from TravelPod.com.
World Wonders Project by Cultural Institute
The World Wonders Project is a valuable resource that allows students to virtually discover some of the most famous sites on earth. The project offers an innovative way to teach history and geography to primary and secondary students. You'll find free downloadable educational packages at http://www.google.com/intl/en/culturalinstitute/about/wonders/education/

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