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{FLORIDA RESOURCES}iamhomeschooling.com is your portal to homeschooling resources, and you will find valuable information and a vast compilation of educational resources throughout our comprehensive website. Look here for links to Florida specific content.

Homeschooling Info


New to homeschooling? Look here for helpful information on homeschooling in Florida.

Homeschool Curriculum


Here you will find a list of homeschool curriculum providers offering curriculum tailored to homeschoolers in Florida.

Florida Umbrella Schools

Umbrella Schools

Here you will find a list of umbrella schools registered in Florida. You will find links to their websites and their programs.

Support Groups

Support Groups

Looking for homeschool support groups in your area? Look here to find one near you.

Homeschool EvaluatorsHomeschool Evaluators

Find homeschool evaluators offering portfolio reviews, testing, and other services such as curriculum advisement, consultations, and tutoring.

Homeschool Supply Stores in Florida

Homeschool Supply Stores

Teacher and school supply stores are for parents, too!  Find homeschool supplies at a Florida retail store near you.

Museums and Science CentersPlaces to Go

Museums, Science Centers, and National Parks are terrific hands-on learning resources for exploring and experiencing the world around us. To find some in your area look here.

Things to Do in Florida

Things to Do

Find museums and science centers in Florida that offer regular, recurring homeschool programs-weekly, monthly, and throughout the school year.

Printable DocumentsPrintables

We offer a variety of printable PDFs for both parents and students. Look here for samples of letters to submit to your district school superintendent's office.

Special Florida Homeschool Events

Special Events

Want to know when special homeschool events are taking place in your area? Find them on our Homeschool Events Calendar.

Florida Homeschool LawsFlorida Homeschool Laws

Look here for links to the state laws that regulate homeschooling in Florida.

Florida District Schools

Florida District Schools

Find your superintendent's contact information, download homeschool information packets, and more.

FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Look here for quick answers to commonly asked questions about homeschooling in Florida.

Aspiring Heights Academy

Aspiring Heights Academy

A private school for homeschoolers! Learn about our umbrella school and what we have to offer.


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