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Placement Tests for Homeschoolers

While some parents choose to homeschool because of state assessments, other parents find them beneficial. Parents can use them to find out how much their children already know, identify skills their children haven't mastered, or confirm that their children are ready to advance to the next level. There are many schools and curriculum publishers offering free placement tests. Although companies specifically design their tests to help parents place their children appropriately in their schools or to purchase level specific course materials, parents can use their tests to get a general idea of where their children are academically.

This is a collection of companies offering free printable, downloadable, and online placement tests. For links to non-free national standardized test providers, click here: Standardized Test Providers.

Placement Test Resources

A Note About Anxiety

No matter how young or old your child is, it's perfectly normal for him or her to be anxious before a test. Anxiety effects children (and adults) of all ages.1 Your child may be worried about doing poorly, concerned about taking too long, or mindful about less than positive past test taking experiences. A little anxiety can actually be helpful (stress-induced adrenaline can keep you on your toes2), but too much can be disadvantageous.3

Test anxiety isn't something you can eliminate for your child, but it is something you can minimize. If your child is worried about doing poorly, tell your child that the test is testing you to make sure you're doing your job as a teacher. If your child is concerned about taking too long or not finishing in time, break the test up into multiple sessions and avoid timed tests altogether. If your child had negative test experiences in the past, perhaps while in public school, assure him or her that the results of the tests are only to help you plan and prepare future curriculum.


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