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Educational Science Toys


Looking for educational toys? We know that any toy can be educational, but here you'll find a variety of toys designed especially to help teach science concepts.  The toys and kits listed here will not only educate, but keep learning fun.  When you're done here, be sure to check out some fun educational science games. You may also be interested in our Science Kits and Models section.

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Engino Mechanical Science Models

Engino Mechanical Science Building SetsEngino® Education has developed a series of mechanical science models that deal with 8 core subjects: Levers, Linkages, Gears, Wheels & Axles, Inclined planes & Wedges, Pulleys, Cams & Cranks and Screws. The kits include activity books that follow the most up-to-date Design and Technology curriculum and STEM methodologies and include theoretical information about the different machines, with many full color images, drawings and interesting facts. Various experiments and activities are presented and your child can complete tables and record results and conclusions in the book. There are also building challenges and quizzes. Ages 6 and up.

Soda Geyser Car

Soda Geyser CarHarness the power of Mentos® candies and soda into a racing car that travels up to 200 feet (or more). As soon as you release the Mentos into the soda bottle, strap the soda bottle onto the chassis, add decals to the nosecone and “Start Your Engine.”  Learn why this Soda Geyser Car works and experiment with the other types of  “fuel” with the included Depth Charger. Use the included needle and rubber stopper to convert to an air pump system. Ages 8 and up.

Solar Bag by Steve Spangler

50' Solar Bag by Steve SpanglerThis 50 ft. long solar bag by Steve Spangler teaches kids about the properties of air and air pressure. Simply fill thin, black plastic bag with air by running (or with a fan, but running is more fun), tie off the ends, and let the sun heat the air inside the bag. Within minutes, the bag rises to the sky and floats like a giant science tube. Included is 400 feet of Solar Bag String to let your Solar Bag fly high and yet still be able to bring it down when you are done.  Includes a complete science activity guide. Ages 8 and up.

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