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Educational Math Toys


Looking for educational toys? We know that any toy can be educational, but here you'll find a variety of toys designed especially to help reinforce math skills.  The toys listed here will not only educate, but keep learning fun.  When you're done here, be sure to check out some fun educational math games.

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Cash ’n’ Carry® Wallet

Pretend & Play® Cash ’n’ Carry® WalletGo on a pretend shopping spree with this grown-up Cash ’n’ Carry® Wallet filled with 30 bills, 40 coins, pretend credit card and bank card. Made of nylon-like fabric with Velcro® close. Features window for photo identification, zippered coin compartment and suggested activities. Ages 4–8.

Lock It In!™ Electronic Math Challenge

Lock It In!™ Electronic Math Challenge by Learning ResourcesLock It In!™ Electronic Math Challenge tests your child's number knowledge inside and out with over 15 different kinds of problems. Engaging play features 4 games with 3 levels each, keeping kids on their toes as they rise to the challenge. Helps children learn number values, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Ages 6–10.

Smart Snacks® Piece-A-Pizza Fractions™

Smart Snacks® Piece-A-Pizza Fractions™Smart Snacks® Piece-A-Pizza Fractions™ introduces kids to part-to-whole relationships with a favorite food, making play out of a sometimes-difficult concept. The 3 pizzas are sliced into halves, fourths and eighths. A choice of pepperoni olives or green pepper provides additional sorting and imaginative play activities. Includes durable plastic pizzas, spatula, pans, cutter and storage box. Ages 2–5.

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