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Reading Software


Look here for great educational software designed to help students learn to read.  If you want to try it before you buy it, see if your local library has a copy.  (It's a great place to donate your used software, too!)

Click on a software title or image to learn more or make a purchase. Links will take you to Amazon where you can read product details and customer reviews or directly to the manufacturer's or authorized dealer's website.

Reader Rabbit Reading Learning System

TLC: Reader Rabbit Reading Learning SystemThe Reader Rabbit Reading Learning System uses a winning combination of lively lessons, delightful songs and creative games to teach and reinforce critical Language Arts skills. Your child will love playing with Reader Rabbit and friends while strengthening essential reading and writing skills. The learning system is an effective program that adapts to your child's changing skill level with activities that increase in difficulty. Detailed reports also allow you to monitor your child's improvements over time. A Reader Rabbit workbook is also included to reinforce learned skills while on the go!

Reading Blaster

Reading BlasterWith Reading Blaster, kids use their reading comprehension skills to help Rave rescue the missing citizens of Bizarroville. Follow the trail of letters, journals and clues left behind in Dr. Dabble's spooky digs. As you search, you'll have to find the main ideas, detect important details and draw conclusions to unravel the mystery! Master over 20 essential skills, including: sentence structure, parts of speech, grammar, analogies, synonyms and antonyms, finding the main idea, drawing conclusions, logical reasoning, making inferences, using context clues, sequencing and ordering.  Ages 9 to 12.

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