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History / Social Studies / Geography Software


Look here for great educational software designed to help students learn about geography and the social sciences, including history, physical and human geography, politics, and economics.  If you want to try it before you buy it, see if your local library has a copy.  (It's a great place to donate your used software, too!)

Click on a software title or image to learn more or make a purchase. Links will take you to Amazon where you can read product details and customer reviews or directly to the manufacturer's or authorized dealer's website.

Earth Quest

DK Earth Quest 1.1Earth Quest provides comprehensive information about rocks, minerals, and the geophysical forces that shape our planet. Learn how Earth evolved over billions of years and how it continues to develop and change to this day! You'll see the Earth from a different perspective as you see each rock and mineral sample classified according to its structure and properties with in-depth information about each specimen. Students can create their own 3D volcano, set off an earthquake, and more.  Photographs, audio, video and text all combine to provide a comprehensive geological reference source. Ages 9 and up.

Eyewitness History of the World 2.0

History of the World 2.0Travel easily to any part of the world and experience first-hand different aspects of everyday life culture and technology.  Beautiful photographs, videos and animations enhance the comprehensive entries.  Eyewitness History of the World provides an unrivaled source of knowledge of different civilizations, historical events and the people who have shaped history! Ages

I Love the USA!

I Love the USA! by DKMystery! Adventure! Geography! (Plus, history, culture, capitals and more!) Kids will learn the shapes, names, capitals, key facts and more for all 50 states.  They will also learn map-reading, critical thinking, weather patterns and predictions, and language arts skills.   I Love the USA! is a mystery adventure game that lets kids visit states & landmarks through videos & animations. Ages 6–9.

Mission Possible World Geography

Mission Possible World GeographyLearn world geography as you experience famous cities and landmarks first hand. While answering world geography questions correctly, you will make it closer to the International Weather Research Base where you have the opportunity to save the world from global warming. Answer questions incorrectly and you may find yourself falling down vertical rock cliffs or encountering creepy island animals. Navigate around the world using colorful political and satellite maps. Mission Possible World Geography is recommended for ages 12 to adult.

Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail 5th Edition (PC)Experience the life of a pioneer during the Westward Movement while traveling along the famous Oregon Trail. As the leader of your very own wagon party, you will hunt for food, tend to sicknesses, cross treacherous rivers and more throughout your 2,000 mile journey. Filled with plenty of challenging situations and advice from quirky characters, Oregon Trail 5th Edition presents a fun adventure that will test your survival skills while illustrating the real-life struggles of moving West during the 1800s. Ages 9 and Up.

U.S. History: The Story of Our Nation

U.S. History - The Story of Our NationU.S. History: The Story of Our Nation explores the events that contributed to the Great Depression, teaches students about our Constitution, and covers wars that shaped our country and the soldiers who fought in them.  U.S. History is a 4 CD-ROM collection that lets you learn the story of our nation with historic tales from the Civil War to the Great Depression.

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