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Spelling / Vocabulary Games


When your kids are burnt out on textbooks and workbooks, break out the games! Even games designed for older kids can be modified for younger ones, and you can turn any game into something educational with a little creative thinking! Here are some games we found that help kids practice their spelling.

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ApplettersThe domino game where you don't connect the DOTS... You connect the LETTERS! Originally designed with younger players in mind,  APPLETTERS features three levels of play to amuse children and challenge adults. The free-standing tiles are easy to handle and can be used to play three different games. Another quality game by Bananagrams.  Ages 5 and up.

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BANANAGRAMSBananagrams is a fast & fun word building croosword game that can be played with any number of players and needs no pencil, paper, or board. Fast and fun. Players race against each other to build crossword grids and use all their letter tiles first. Since players create their own intersecting word puzzles, it's appropriate for any grade level.  Another quality game by Bananagrams.  Ages 7 and up. 

Campbell's Alphabet Dice Game

Campbell's Alphabet Dice GameCampbell's Alphabet Dice Game is a simple anagram word game with a Campbell's Soup theme. Just throw the dice and start to spell. The object of the game is to score the lowest amount of points, but you can leave out the scoring part for younger players. If you get stumped everyone just rolls again. The game contains 216 letters on 36 dice plus easy instructions. Ages 8 and up.


PAIRSinPEARSA fun way for children to develop memory and cognitive skills while learning alphabetical order, word construction, consonants and vowels, vocabulary, rhyming, etc.  Three levels of play make PAIRS in PEARS fun for all ages.  Another quality game by Bananagrams. Ages 6 and up.


ScrabbleScrabble is played by millions around the world!  Use your seven letters to build crosswords, and use bonus spaces to add to your score!  A great way for kids to learn how to spell new words. By allowing younger players to use the dictionary, kids of all ages can compete together. Ages 8 and up.

Scrabble Junior

Scrabble Jr.Scrabble Junior has a two sided board (blank or pre-printed), so it can be easier or harder to play.  Scoring is easier than traditional Scrabble, and the game moves a little faster.  Kid-sized words and colorful pictures make it fun to match letter tiles to words on the grid. Players collect scoring chips for completing words.  Ages 5 and up.

Scrabble Switch-Up

Scrabble Switch-Up Crossword GameScrabble Switch-Up features six interchangeable board games, so there's a game for everyone. Play the classic game, or try a version with "blanks" and "blockers." You can even design your own custom game with nine mini-boards.  We especially like the variety (a couple of the games even include special cards decks) and the quick-play game variations, but the game board is a little on the small side.  Ages 8 and up.


Snatch-ItThe Snatch-It Word Game can be played with any number of players.  Players take turns turning over letters hoping to be the first to spot a word.  The player who says the word first gets it, but other players can snatch it if they can create a new word by adding more letters.  This game is super easy to play and great for older children.  Ages 8 and up.

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