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Science Games


When your kids are burnt out on textbooks and workbooks, break out the games! Even games designed for older kids can be modified for younger ones, and you can turn any game into something educational with a little creative thinking! Here are some games we found that help children learn about science.

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Caught in the Web: An Insect Game

Caught in the Web: An Insect GameChildren will learn about insects and their habitats by answering the true/false questions and moving their bug shaped game pieces around the game board. The first player to get their insect back home without getting caught in the web wins. Caught in the Web is a great elementary life science game! Grades 2-6.

Cogno: The Alien Adventure Game

Cogno: The Alien Adventure GameRace across space in this exciting board game! Employ strategy and ponder thought-provoking questions about how the universe really works. Cogno combines imaginative space exploration with cool, real science. Use strategy and wits to survive ever changing planets, a black hole, and eve a parallel universe .Ages 7 and up.

Genius Games

Genius Games - PeptideGenius Games publishes high quality table-top science games for kids ages 8 and up. Their hope is to design games that are a blast to play, but simultaneously demystify intimidating concepts in the sciences and engage the players in a lifelong process of inquiry. Genius Games is a valuable resource for outside-the-box learning because by learning the rules of the game, kids learn the rules of science. Current games available include: LINKAGE: A DNA Card Game, PEPTIDE: A Protein Building Game, and ION: A Compound Building Game.  While you're here, take a look at our review of ION: A Compound Building Game!

Let's Grow! The Life Cycles Game

Let's Grow! The Life Cycles GameExcite early learners with this fun science game that encourages deeper understanding of life cycles. Let's Grow reinforces understanding of developmental stages of a chicken, frog, butterfly and plant. It engages children as they race to complete a life-cycle puzzle using memory match strategies. Grades K+

Newton's Apples

Newton's ApplesNewton's Apples is a gravity strategy game.  This game is for two players only, so it gives parents and siblings an opportunity for one-on-one time.  By moving your apple crates and applying Newton's Law of Gravity, be the first one to get all of your color apples to the bottom of the tree.  Ages 7 and up.

The Way Things Work

The Way Things WorkDavid Macaulay's The Way Things Work is a game where you solve mechanical problems.  There are 3 levels of play.  Includes lots of trivia cards, models to assemble, an experiment book, and more.  (For similar products—like books and software—click here!)  Ages 8 and up.

Totally Gross: The Game

Totally Gross, the GameWant to help kids understand chemistry, biology and more? A dose of gross helps science make sense! Kids learn about science as they travel around the game board answering queasy questions.  Every time you answer a question or complete a Gross-Out, stretch your slime on the score line. Stretch it to 10 and complete a Lab Experiment to win the game! Totally Gross is full of action and information.

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