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Reading Games


When your kids are burnt out on textbooks and workbooks, break out the games! Even games designed for older kids can be modified for younger ones, and you can turn any game into something educational with a little creative thinking! Here are some games we found that help teach and reinforce reading skills.

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Hidden Hints

Hidden Hints Context Clues Reading Comprehension GameWrangle your way through word-sleuthing challenges to earn a shot at solving a mystery. Figure out what words mean by clues in the text around them. Hidden Hints reinforces both vocabulary in context and reading comprehension. Also familiarizes students with multiple-choice standardized test question format. Grades 2 and up.

Phonics Bean Bags

Phonics Bean BagsChildren will have fun learning “the sound alphabet” in no time with these soft, sturdy, lightweight bean bags. Each of the 26 2.75” bean bags is richly embroidered with a picture representing the sound of a letter of the alphabet – from apple to zebra. PLUS, the short and long vowel sounds and the hard and soft sounds of "c" and "g" are represented by special “double-sided” bags. Phonics Bean Bags includes a handy cloth storage bag and a “Tip Sheet” with lots of active, hands-on games that reinforce phonemic awareness. Ages 4 and up.

POP for Sight Words

POP for Sight Words GamePOP for Sight Words is a fast-paced game that is great for improving reading fluency. Even use the abundant word cards for your own early literacy activities. Includes 100 die-cut popcorn cards (92 sight words and 8 POP cards) in box with engaging graphics. Grades 1 and up.

Reading Roadway

Reading RoadwayReading Roadway combines reading and geography in one game.  Travel the USA discovering fascinating facts while building reading and listening comprehension skills. Players take turns spinning and moving their cars across the country reading aloud facts based on the state they landed on. The first person to correctly answer the trivia question collects a souvenir.  The rules in this game can easily be modified for playing with younger children.  Ages 8-10.

Reading Roundup

Reading RoundupIt’s a reading race through the southwest. Pick your cards, gallop around the board to round up and read all of your words and giddy up home before the other players to win. Reading Roundup features the top 25 building block words. Ages 5 and up.

Reading Safari Board Game

Reading Safari Board GameReading Safari is a fun board game designed to improve sight word recognition; build vocabulary; increase fluency; introduce grammar basics; and engage social skills. Win the game by being the first player to collect your game cards and return to your animal environment! Ages 5 and up.

Word for Word Phonics Game

Word for Word Phonics Game by Learning ResourcesStudents challenge their phonics skills as they hurry to build words within a two-minute time limit. (Omit the timer to make it less challenging.) Word for Word Phonics Game can be played at multiple levels and can be customized to practice specific reading and word-building skills. Includes 112 color-coded Reading Rods, one two-minute timer, four pencils, one score pad and instructions. Grades 2 and up.

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