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Math Games


When your kids are burnt out on textbooks and workbooks, break out the games! Even games designed for older kids can be modified for younger ones, and you can turn any game into something educational with a little creative thinking! Here are some games we found that help teach and reinforce math skills.

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'SMATH 'SMATH is an equation building crossword game, similar to Scrabble.  It can be played on two different levels - one for beginners (simple adding and subtracting) and one for more advanced players (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing). This game is easy to adapt for different grade levels.  When younger children are playing, just leave out the brackets and skip scoring.  Ages 6 and up.

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Dino Math Tracks

Dino Math Tracks Place Value GamePrehistoric pals make award-winning Dino Math Tracks a blast. Roll the dice and move the dinosaurs around a delightfully illustrated game board. Learn all about numbers - from counting, addition and subtraction to place value skills. Includes game board, 16 dinosaurs, cards, number die and instructions for various levels of play.  Ages 6-9.

Equate - The Equation Thinking Game

Equate Board GameHave fun creating equations crossword-style. Equate is a great math board game for family and classroom. Earn higher scores using division or fraction tiles and landing on premium board positions. Many levels of play and junior and advanced tile sets available.  Ages 8 and up.

Granny Apples

Granny Apples Granny Apples is a quick-counting, apple-rolling game involving halves.  It's fast moving and fun to play.  Watch out for birds, worms and apple pies that take away from the total. Count as quickly as you can and be the first to shout out the correct answer.  For younger players, let  each player take turns adding up each half.  Ages 8 and up.

Math Dice

Think Fun Math DiceMath Dice is a captivating dice game where players try to get closest to the target number by creating different equations using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, even powers.  Includes three 6-sided dice and two 12-sided dice, a drawstring bag, and an instruction booklet with lessons and examples. Ages 8 and up.

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Math Dice Jr.

Think Fun Math Dice Jr.Math Dice Jr. is similar to ThinkFun’s Math Dice, except players only use addition and subtraction equations to reach their target numbers. This game also includes a scoring Track. Simple rules and chunky, brightly colored dice make this game fun for early math learners. Ages 5 and up.

Money Bags

Money Bags A Coin Value GameCollect, count and exchange money all the way to the finish line with this colorful board game called Money Bags.  Earn money as you work your way to the finish line. A spinner determines which coins you have to use on your turn.

Perudo Dice Game

perudoGood guessing, good bluffing and good luck make Perudo a great game for introducing probability to older kids.  Start with 5 dice each and roll them on the table, using the cup to hide the results from everyone else. Taking turns, each player calls out how many dice of a given number appear under everyone's cups combined.  Whoever is wrong loses a die.  This game includes thirty dice, six dice cups, cloth travel pouch and instructions.  Ages 8 and up.

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