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Visual Arts Homeschool Curriculum

The publishers and companies listed here offer commercial visual art curricula to homeschoolers. You will find everything from supplemental materials to complete curriculum packages. Some of these companies provide printed materials and supplies, while others make learning the visual arts possible online through paid memberships. For additional resources, be sure to check out our compilation of websites offering free printable visual arts materials and interactive activities and games.

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Art Adventures at Home
This is a complete art curriculum for students in grades K-12. Each volume contains over 100 step-by-step lessons (which provides enough material for three years, if one lesson is taught per week). These lessons present the basic elements of art (line, shape, color, and texture) in five different units (drawing, print-making, painting, sculpture, and crafts). This curriculum is superior to other home school art programs in that it covers all areas of art experience (not just drawing or crafts), and clear objectives are presented in each lesson. In addition, art history is integrated directly into the curriculum.
Art for the Montessori Classroom
Art for the Montessori Classroom is a complete art curriculum that makes art easy for even the non-artistic teacher or home school parent. Complete instructions are given for setting up each art activity, list of supplies needed, and the complete process or demonstration. The lessons are in the Montessori style- On a tray to be chosen as individual work.
Art in History
Art in History provides unique products with "hands on learning" which is perfect for home schoolers. These student kits are individually packed and perfect for use in a homeschool. Each project uses an interdisciplinary approach to teaching by allowing students to replicate a historically significant artifact taught from a comprehensive lesson plan that is downloaded by the parent/teacher upon checkout. Each individual kit contains an insert that gives the end user the ability to download the files as well.
Art With a Purpose
Art With a Purpose is a series of books that has simple step-by-step art lessons for children in Grades 1-8. Each student's Artpac is a complete unit, containing 36 lessons with art sheets, a few pages of instructions for the teacher, examples, and lists of materials needed. It's all ready to go and you don't need to be an accomplished artist to teach it. Click here to find books in this series on Amazon.
ARTistic Pursuits
ARTistic Pursuits is an award winning homeschool art program that meets the specific needs of homeschoolers. A variety of fun applications teach both the expressive and technical aspects of art while allowing children to make choices about what and how they will draw, paint, and sculpt.
Atelier - Homeschool Art
The ATELIER visual art program was developed to ensure outstanding results in the homeschool environment. Using DVD-based teaching methods, ATELIER provides the home educator with unprecedented ease of use, breadth of scope, and results-oriented validation.
Denise Thompson Photography Curriculum
Denise Thompson, a homeschooling parent who teaches classes in Florida, also offers her own photography and creative writing curriculum.
How Great Thou Art
Barry Stebbing's award-winning art curriculum makes learning art fun and easy. With well known titles such as I Can Do All Things, God & the History of Art and Feed My Sheep, you and your students will enjoy learning a vast array of topics including Fundamentals of Drawing & Painting, Art History, Journaling and so much more. Their art curriculum is time and family tested and your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Learn & Master Painting Home School Edition
Learn & Master Painting Home School Edition is a complete painting curriculum designed for home study. It contains their full painting course plus a 56-Page Teacher’s Guide. You’ll be able to take your home-school students (and yourself, if you like) through a comprehensive Painting-Learning system, even if you have no painting skills and no previous experience.
Meet the Masters
Meet the Masters is easy to teach; no art background is necessary. The step-by-step curriculum is fun. Art History, Techniques, and Activities based on the Masters combine to make this homeschool and small group art curriculum the most effective way to bring out the hidden artist in each child. Step-by-step art lessons turn YOU into the art teacher, guiding your art student through his or her “masterpiece”.

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