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Language Arts / Grammar Homeschool Curriculum

The publishers and companies listed here offer commercial language arts curricula to homeschoolers. This includes curriculum with a primary focus on grammar, usage, and mechanics.  We have separate categories for reading, spelling and vocabulary, and writing curriculum. You will find everything from supplemental materials to complete curriculum packages. Some of these companies provide printed materials, while others make materials available online through paid memberships. For additional resources, be sure to check out our compilation of websites offering free printable language arts materials and interactive activities and games.

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Analytical Grammar
Analytical Grammar is a unique method of teaching grammar, which starts from "ground zero" - assuming that the student knows no grammar - and continues on from concept to concept, until the entire body of knowledge which we call grammar is covered. The concepts, rather than being taught separately, are woven together into a logical whole which the student will recognize to be what he already knows about how words are put together into sentences to make meaning.
Climbing to Good English
Climbing to Good English is a comprehensive grammar and writing curriculum designed by Schoolaid to complement the Pathway Reading Series. Can be used independently. Suitable for home educating families and for school classrooms. Click here to see the books available at Rainbow Resource. Grades 1-8.
English for the Thoughtful Child
A Charlotte Mason styled language arts course. Originally published in 1903, this book uses pictures to stimulate the child's imagination and lead him or her into writing. There are memorization assignments, oral compositions, written compositions and practice exercises. Useful as a second grade English text, but it is also very useful as a first course for older, reluctant writers. No teacher's edition necessary; everything you need is in the student text.
Grammar Ace by Sonlight
Grammar Ace, by Sonlight, has all the practical grammar your student needs, in one set-your-own-pace program. Packed with examples, answers and other teaching help. Includes a consumable workbook. For Grades 4-7.
Growing with Grammar
Each level in the Growing with Grammar series teaches basic and advanced concepts that are age-appropriate for the level, and also briefly reviews advanced concepts taught in prior levels. Each level contains approximately 108 lessons and assumes the grammar course is being taught three times per week during a 36-week school year. Grades 1-8.
Shurley English Instruction
A blend of tradition and innovation, Shurley English has been designed to meet students' English needs by using principles of learning, motivation, retention, transfer, and reinforcement. A strong grammatical base, step-by-step instructions, integrated grammar & writing, and fun exercises are hallmarks of ShurleyEnglish!
Simply Grammar: An Illustrated Primer
In this revised and expanded edition of Charlotte Mason's grammar, you will discover a simple method of narration that focuses on conversation as a natural means of teaching grammar to your fourth to eight graders. A large and curious Victorian illustration accompanies each lesson. Simply Grammar brings to bear more of your child's natural thinking ability than ordinary grammar lessons. The student is given the opportunity to create his own sentences, often to tell a story using the large illustrations. By this method he uses his new understanding of the sentence to demonstrate a more thorough knowledge. Simply Grammar allows you to follow a pace that matches your child's ability. Keeping this in mind, in most cases, a several year program where the teacher is free to decide when and how often review is necessary. Simply grammar can be used to enhance any other grammar program.
Sonlight Language Arts Programs
Sonlight's Language Arts Programs let your children develop their Language Arts skills naturally in your homeschool. With Sonlight's Language Arts program, your students will enjoy learning with the natural method. With expert help from Dr. Ruth Beechick.

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