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{SHARE}iamhomeschooling.com is a comprehensive website that provides valuable information and a vast compilation of resources to home educating families whether they are considering homeschooling, new to homeschooling, or experienced homeschoolers.

Our Purpose

iamhomeschooling.com strives to provide home educators with current and relevant homeschooling information such as:

  • Informative Articles and Helpful Tips
  • Local, Regional, and National Homeschool Support Groups and Associations
  • Umbrella schools (a/k/a Cover Schools and Church Schools)
  • Homeschool Evaluators and Standardized Test Providers
  • Curriculum Resources and Providers
  • Organized links to Educational Websites and Homeschool Resources
  • Homeschool Events and Programs
  • Printable PDFs for Parents and Students

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