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Umbrella Schools / Cover Schools



Below is an alphabetical list of umbrella schools (also called cover schools and church schools) registered in Delaware.  If you would like to add your school to our list, you will need to send us your information. To have your information changed or removed, please contact us. To learn more about umbrella schools, please see What Is an Umbrella School?.

Family Learning Academy

Family Learning Academy (FLA), founded in 1984, is registered with the state of Delaware as a “legal umbrella” and with the IRS as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Presently, FLA serves families in southern New Castle and Kent counties. They offer standardized testing (not required), group activities, high school graduation exercises, promotion ceremonies for Grades K-11, and more.

Old Capitol Trail Academy, Inc.

Old Capitol Trail Academy, Inc. (OCTAI) was established in 1989 to serve the educational needs of homeschool families in Delaware. Today each member family acts as a satellite campus of OCTAI. The school is administered by Christian men and women who promote and encourage Christian values and Biblical principles in education. OCTAI is registered as a multi-family homeschool with the Delaware State Department of Public Instruction (school code # 830). All families are welcome regardless of race, religious persuasion, and reasons and philosophies of home education.

Towle Institute

Towle Institute is a non-traditional school for those families seeking to educate their children in their home environment. They are a private school, incorporated in Delaware, serving home-educated students from Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. They offer a full-course curriculum for grades six through twelve and provide oversight for siblings of families living in Delaware for kindergarten through fifth grade. The school and faculty provide complementary and supplementary academic assistance through weekly instruction and academic planning, but do not replace parents as primary educators.

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