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Umbrella Schools / Cover Schools



Below is an alphabetical list of umbrella schools (also called "600" schools, cover schools, and church schools) registered in Colorado.  If you would like to add your school to our list, you will need to send us your information. To have your information changed or removed, please contact us.To learn more about umbrella schools, please see What Is an Umbrella School?.

Colorado Heritage Education School System

Colorado Heritage Education School System (CHESS) is a private school within the state of Colorado. When enrolling with CHESS you are working within a private school environment to fulfill the Colorado school enrollment requirements. While enrolled with CHESS you have the benefit of working with a dedicated, experienced professional staff who knows and supports the family-focused, discipleship-centered, home instruction model.

Spiral Academy

Spiral Academy serves home school families, primarily in Colorado, who desire the benefits of private school enrollment with minimal oversight over their educational activities.  Their intent is to lend support for academic excellence that is always conducted in the spirit of religious and cultural tolerance.  Religious and political beliefs are not part of Spiral Academy's identity or purpose. Students and families are free to educate according to any curriculum or methodology provided they meet the minimum requirements for the state in which they reside.

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