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Umbrella Schools / Cover Schools



Below is an alphabetical list of church schools (also called "600" schools, cover schools, and umbrella schools) registered in Alabama.  If you would like to add your school to our list, you will need to send us your information. To have your information changed or removed, please contact us. To learn more about umbrella schools, please see What Is an Umbrella School?.

Abundant Grace Christian Academy

Abundant Grace Christian Academy believes that faith in Christ and obedience to the Holy Spirit and the Word of God are the foundational aspects of parenting. In terms of public, private, or home schooling, they believe that there is no right or wrong way to educate your children, as long as you are obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Each home is an independent “school”. The parents, with God’s help, are the school staff.

Abundant Life Christian Academy (ALCA)

Abundant Life Christian Academy (ALCA) is a church school ministry of Abundant Life Family Fellowship located in Pell City. They provide a legal church covering for those families who have accepted the responsibility to home educate their children. They hope to provide families with an environment that they can not only progress educationally, but also grow spiritually, learn to joyfully serve others, obey God’s commands, love learning, pursue their individual gifts and talents, and disciple others along the way. They do not require a statement of faith, curriculum approval, or immunization or physical records.

Academy for Excellence

Academy for Excellence is a homeschooling church school that allows families to legally homeschool their children without breaking the bank or having to jump through a lot of "hoops" to do so. They provide record-keeping and reporting, high school transcripts for college and scholarship applications, support, accountability, field trips, and co-op classes.

Agape Academy

Agape Academy, a ministry of Agape Baptist Church, was established in an effort to assist parents in home educating their children. Their desire is to help families not only in providing a legal means for home schooling, but also in providing the support, encouragement, and direction that is necessary in order to have a positive home schooling experience.

Alabama Homeschool Academy

Alabama Homeschool Academy is a homeschool covering that reaches out to anyone who wants to homeschool their children in Alabama regardless if they have been homeschooling for years or if they are just getting started. They specialize in assisting parents who are homeschooling for the first time after their children have attended public or private school. Alabama Homeschool Academy offers monthly get-togethers, and a graduation each year for its seniors complete with a diploma.

Alabama Hope Academy

Alabama Hope Academy (AHA) provides legal covering for homeschooling families in the entire state of Alabama. Services with enrollment include annual attendance, transcripts, high school diplomas, dual enrollment, freedom, and support.

Asbury Academy

Asbury Academy is an inclusive homeschooling church school for parents in the Greater Birmingham area.  They are a ministry of East Lake United Methodist Church.   Founded in 1991, as the "East Lake United Methodist Academy (ELUMCA), Asbury Academy is dedicated to providing information, resources, support, experience, fellowship and fun to homeschooling families in Alabama.

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