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Here you will find a compilation of resources for learning about the "unschooling" method of homeschooling. You will find links to a variety of websites and blogs offering information and support. For a quick overview of other common homeschooling methods, see our article Homeschool Approaches and Methods.

Unschooling (is not the same as NO schooling)

Unschooling, as it was called by John Holt back in 1977, is also referred to as interest driven, child-led, natural, organic, eclectic, and self-directed learning.  Over the years, this method of homeschooling has also been referred to as deschooling, free range learning, and life learning. Add a little zen and you have zenschooling.  Regardless of the name, unschooling is based on Holt's belief that children do not need to be coerced into learning.  Holt believed that children will learn naturally if they are free to follow their own interests. When unschooling, the child leads the way; the parent provides the appropriate learning environment.  There are no set schedules and no specific curriculum or structure unless it is what the child wants.

Unschooling Resources