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Unit Studies

Here you will find a compilation of resources for learning about homeschooling using unit studies. You will find links to many informative websites and helpful blogs. For a quick overview of other common homeschooling methods, see our article Homeschool Approaches and Methods.

Teaching with Unit Studies

Unit studies (a/k/a integrated studies or multidisciplinary studies) incorporate a variety of subjects into a single topic or theme.  Choosing a topic that interests your child creates an immediate motivation to learn.  Unit studies can take anywhere from days to weeks to complete.  They are generally not structured, so you'll want to make sure your child doesn't get bored with the topic before the unit study is finished.  On the plus side, they are easy to adapt to any child's interests and abilities, so unit studies are perfect for families with children at different educational levels. There are many free unit studies available online, as well as for purchase, or you can easily create your own.  Below are some websites offering unit studies, some of which are completely free!  

Unit Study Resources