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Florida Homeschool Programs


Below is an alphabetical list of museums, science centers and organizations offering ongoing homeschool programs in Florida.  If you would like to narrow your search to programs in your area, please enter your city in the search box. If you know of a program you would like to share with other homeschoolers, please contact us. See our curriculum providers section for schools and co-ops offering additional homeschool programs. If you are looking for upcoming homeschool events, special educational programs, and annual conventions and conferences, please see our Homeschool Events Calendar.

Florida Aquarium

The Florida Aquarium offers monthly homeschool science classes and group homeschool programs. Each class uses inquiry based learning and hands-on experiments and activities to discover science. Classes are 45 minutes for 3-5 year olds and 1 hour for ages six and older. Visit their website for more information. See their downloadable brochure for information about their group programs. (Tampa)

Imaginarium Science Center

The Imaginarium Science Center offers monthly “Homeschool Day” events take place on the 3rd Wednesday of each month! This exciting day offers homeschool families a fun-filled opportunity to explore educational exhibits, activities, and programs. Homeschool children of all ages learn together with their families, taking advantage of museum materials and knowledgeable education professionals. Workshops are based on the Sunshine State Standards and include a Curriculum Guide with vocabulary, additional activities, and recommended resources. (Fort Myers)

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens offers a variety of homeschool programs specifically for students living along the First Coast (Northeast FL and Southeast GA).  This unique opportunity allows students to get up close and hands-on with animals in a nurturing, learning environment with their peers. All classes begin and end at the PepsiCo Foundation Education Campus located at the south end of the Zoo’s main parking lot. As space is limited, parents generally do not sit-in. (Jacksonville)

Marion County Parks and Recreation Home-School Programs

Marion County Parks and Recreation offers Arts and Crafts and PE programs for homeschoolers in Ocala. The art program allows kids to explore different types of art techniques and to have fun trying everything from sculpting to painting. Art class are held every Wednesday from March to May, and there are separate classes for kids ages 5-9 and 10-15. The PE program provides kids with fun team sports, games, and team building activities. PE classes are held every Wednesday from September to May. All classes are held at Brick City Adventure Park. (Ocala)

Museum of Arts and Sciences

The Museum of Arts and Sciences' approach to a lesson is to encourage interaction and team work among the participants. Students enjoy the intermingling of humor and content as they make their way through a lesson. Lessons are typically very active, and the venue may change a few times during the same lesson to utilize the many facilities that the Museum has to offer. Students are often given take home resources and suggestions for further information on the topic. These are great as the Homeschooler's portfolio builds all year long. (Daytona Beach)

O2B Kids

O2B Kids is an "edutainment" facility for children ages 0 - 13 that provides a  variety of family fun, care, and enrichment activities. O2B Kids offers over 200 classes per week in everything from Karate to Spanish. With classes like gymnastics, music, dance, cheer, drama, art, science and computers, your child is sure to find a something he or she loves.  They offer Afterschool, Preschool, Birthday Parties, Parents' Night Out and Summer Camp. (Gainesville)

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