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Florida Homeschool Evaluators and Test Administrators

Nemeth, Kimberly

Evaluator:Kimberly Nemeth
Contact Information: Phone: (561) 392-2246 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Certification(s): Florida State Department of Education Teacher Certification
B.A. Elementary Education
M.Ed. Early Childhood Education
Qualifications & Experience: Seven years teaching experience, parochial school
Home-school mom/teacher over 15 years
Portfolio evaluations, 14 years
Standardized Testing, 10 years
What to Expect at Your Evaluation: At the evaluation I will review your child's work, ask him or her some questions, and perhaps ask him or her to read for me, if applicable.  An informal reading assessment may also be requested.  I will also spend time visiting with the parent(s), answering questions, and making curriculum suggestions when necessary.  This process usually takes between 45 minutes and one hour; longer if there are several children.  Individual and group standardized testing is also available at an additional fee.
Location(s): Boca Raton, FL
Cost: $50 first child, $25 second child, $10 each additional child

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