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Florida Homeschool Curriculum and Co-ops


Below is an alphabetical list of organizations, schools, and co-ops offering curriculum and instruction tailored to homeschoolers in Florida.  For additional curriculum providers, see our list of national providers.  If you are looking for particular books or homeschool supplies, see our Curriculum Resources section.  For a list of retail stores that sell homeschool books and supplies near you, click here.

Florida Virtual School Full Time (FLVS FT)

Florida Virtual School Full Time (FLVS FT) (through a partnership with Connections Academy) is a full-time online public school that serves students in grades K-12. There are specific enrollment periods and eligibility requirements. Private school students (students enrolled in umbrella schools) are not eligible to take courses under the FLVS FT program. Under the FLVS FT Public Program, FLVS FT is the school of record and students take their courses on an August – June schedule, have a standard public school course load, and meet the same public school requirements for attendance, graduation, and standardized test preparation. Students who graduate under this program will be awarded with a High School Diploma.

For the Love of Learning Co-op

For the Love of Learning is a homeschooling support group that offers full day co-ops. They serve grades PreK-12, and classes offered vary by grade level.. As a support group, they also offer, field trips, moms night out, park days, etc. They are located in Palm City, Florida, and serve homeschooling families in Martin, Palm Beach, and St. Lucie Counties.

Gulf Coast Homeschool Fine Arts

Gulf Coast Homeschool Fine Arts (GCHFA) is Christian non-profit organization that provides Concert Band and String Orchestra programs to homeschool students on Florida's Gulf Coast.  GCHFA exists to provide excellent fine arts programs and instruction for homeschool students to develop their talents and maximize their potential in order to bring glory to God and minister to others. Located in Sarasota County, Florida.

Highlands Latin Clearwater

Created as a homeschool support program, Highlands Latin Cottage Schools offer teacher-led instruction in a classroom environment. Highlands Latin Clearwater offers Latin, Classical and Christian studies, literature, composition, math, and science. Grades 2 through 6. Classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from August through May.

Lake Winds Homeschool and Community Band

Lake Winds is a concert band located in northern Lake County, Florida.  Their musicians are 9-18 year olds that are either home schooled or attending a private school that does not offer a music program.  The goal of the Lake Winds Homeschool and Community Band program is to provide home educated youth and students attending private schools without a band program, who otherwise may not have an opportunity to participate in a traditional band experience, an opportunity to experience the joy of making music and becoming musicians.

Matlock Preparatory

Matlock Preparatory offers a homeschool program in West Palm Beach, Florida and for all of Palm Beach County. Students attend school three afternoons a week for several hours each time for specific instruction: one on one tutoring. Our homeschooling curriculum does include homework, which places emphasis on calling, faxing, or emailing questions to enable staff to respond on time.

New Village Homeschool

New Village Homeschool provides the careful attention of homeschooling, combined with a comprehensive academic program, tailor-made for each student and overseen by a licensed K-12 teacher. They offer multiple curriculum subjects, including history, science and geography; not just reading and arithmetic. With an academic setting of 4-5 students per teacher, their students are given the extra attention necessary to ensure they fully understand and can apply what they are learning.  They offer the following programs: Full Day, Half-Day, Summer Learning and tutoring.  Located in Miami.

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