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Teaching Qualifications for Florida Home Educators

If you have the desire to provide your children with the best possible education, then consider yourself qualified to teach your children! Not only for the fact that you have been teaching them since the day they were born, but because Florida Statutes state that any parent who complies with the reporting, record keeping, and student evaluation requirements specified in statutory law may conduct a home education program. Florida law does not require a parent to hold a valid regular Florida teaching certificate.  (For more information on your reporting, record keeping, and student evaluation requirements, see Establishing a Homeschool Program in Florida.)

It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and out of your element at first.  Parents considering homeschooling are oftentimes intimidated by the thought of having to teach something they never learned or don't remember.  If you find you're lacking knowledge on a particular subject, take comfort in knowing that there are resources available to you.  You and your child can learn it together, your child can take the course online, or you can seek outside help from a tutor or another homeschooler.

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