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Taking Courses at Florida Virtual School (FLVS)

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) provides online K–12 instruction to students all over Florida, the U.S. and the world. Their courses are free * to Florida students and are available on a tuition basis to students elsewhere. Since FLVS courses are online, students are on the computer a lot. It is important that a student is committed to his or her courses at FLVS, as every grade earned become part of the student's permanent school record.

Florida Virtual School Options

There are two different tuition-free online Florida Virtual School programs available to Florida students:  FLVS FT and FLVS.

Florida Virtual School Full-Time (FLVS FT)

Through a partnership with Connections Academy, FLVS FT is a full-time online public school that serves students in grades K-12. There are specific enrollment periods and eligibility requirements. Private school students (students enrolled in umbrella schools) are not eligible to take courses under the FLVS FT program. Under the FLVS FT Public Program, FLVS FT is the school of record and students take their courses on an August – June schedule, have a standard public school course load, and meet the same public school requirements for attendance, graduation, and standardized test preparation. Students who graduate under this program will be awarded with a High School Diploma.

Florida Virtual School Part Time (FLVS)

FLVS is available to public school students, homeschoolers registered with their district school, and students enrolled in private schools (including umbrella schools) and serves students in grades 6–12.  While it is considered a part-time program, homeschool and private school students may take up to 6 courses at a time. Students enrolled in this program are not required to participate in state-mandated assessments and are not awarded diplomas.

Enrolling at FLVS

To enroll your child in courses at FLVS as a homeschool student, you must provide verification from your district that your child is registered in a home education program. To enroll your child in courses at FLVS as a private schooled student (i.e., homeschooling under the cover of an umbrella school), your private school must have an articulation agreement on file with FLVS.

How it Works at FLVS

First, students register at FLVS and choose the courses they want to take. If they are registered homeschoolers, their parents create an account and approve their courses. If they are enrolled at a private school, their school will approve their courses. Once the courses have been approved, the classrooms are assigned. This can take anywhere from a few of days to a couple of weeks.

Once classrooms are assigned, students can log in and begin their courses. Sometimes students are required to download specific software and/or visit external websites to complete assignments. Assignments are submitted online, including assessments. Periodically, students connect with their teacher on the telephone for discussion-based assessments. Teachers are available via phone, text, email and instant messaging from 8AM to 8PM, five to seven days a week. Substitute teachers are assigned during holidays, so, ideally, there is always a teacher available to answer questions.

What is Expected at FLVS

Students are allowed to work at their own pace and on days and at times that work for them (meaning, they can work ahead of pace), however students are expected to submit work regularly, even if ahead of pace. Additionally, students and their parents are required to speak with the teacher (via phone or email) at least once per month. Failure to do so may result in withdrawal from the course.

State Mandated Assessments

Students enrolled at FLVS are not required to take state mandated assessments. (Students enrolled at FLVS FT are.)

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