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Homeschool Programs



Below is an alphabetical list of museums, science centers and organizations offering ongoing homeschool programs in Texas.  If you know of a program you would like to share with other homeschoolers, please contact us.

If you are looking for upcoming homeschool events, special educational programs, and annual conventions and conferences, please see our Homeschool Events Calendar.

Earth Native Wilderness School Homeschool Program

Earth Native Wilderness School offers a weekly nature education course for homeschooled children ages 6-13. Participants work closely with program instructors to increase their connection to and knowledge of the land around them. Their youth programing curriculum teaches children an incredible amount about natural science and nature through the exploration of the plants, animals, and natural processes. (Austin)

Fort Worth Zoo

The Fort Worth Zoo offers classes for home-schooled children ages 6 through 12 one Tuesday a month through May. Classes, $20 each, are from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. and include a snack, live animal presentation and admission for each student to the Zoo on class day. (Fort Worth)

Space Center Houston Exploration Academy

The Space Center Houston, through their Exploration Academy, offers 6 week educational programs that include hands-on activities, with emphasis on practical applications to uncover the “big ideas” in the world of science. Become an Earth Science Investigator who will discover the truth behind many of earth’s natural systems and how humans are impacting them. (Houston)

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