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National Curriculum Providers


This is an alphabetical list of nationally recognized organizations and schools, both religious and secular, offering curriculum and instruction to homeschoolers.  If you are looking for curriculum specific to your state, you can choose your state for additional schools, co-ops, and organizations offering classes and/or curriculum aligned to your state's standards. If you are looking for particular books or homeschool supplies, see our Curriculum Resources section.  For a list of retail stores near you, click here.

University of Nebraska—Lincoln Online Learning

The University of Nebraska—Lincoln has embraced the future by connecting world-class faculty and programs with students from around the world. Now, students can have a University of Nebraska education wherever they are. They offer online high school courses and programs, online undergraduate courses and degree completion, and online and hybrid graduate certificates, master's and doctoral degrees.

Verticy Learning

Verticy Learning is a comprehensive home school curriculum for students with language-based learning differences.  This program will help your child achieve new academic heights, and rekindle his or her love of learning. The Verticy Learning curriculum enables you to utilize Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory methods to teach your student in a unique way in your home. Developed through a joint learning initiative of Calvert School, the leader in home schooling for over a century, and Jemicy School, a world-renown independent school created specifically for students with LLDs, Verticy Learning empowers you to deliver an affordable, effective educational experience.


WiloStar3D is a unique interactive online homeschooling program that is pioneering the use of 3D virtual worlds for K- 12 education. Homeschool online in an interactive 3D campus environment unlike anything else!  WiloStar3D Academy has received full accreditation from The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

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