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Books on Homeschooling

Homeschool Your Child for Free

Homeschool Your Child for FreeHomeschool Your Child for Free: More Than 1,400 Smart, Effective, and Practical Resources for Educating Your Family at Home by LauraMaery Gold and Joan M. Zielinski

LauraMaery Gold and Joan M. Zielinski offer their expert homeschooling advice and information, plus new tools and resources to help you and your child succeed. Comprehensive and clear, this book gives you access to free instructional material–from reading-readiness activities for preschoolers to science projects for teens–to help build a strong foundation that will last into adulthood. You don’t need to drain your bank account to guarantee a good education for your child. With a computer and the Internet, you have the largest library and laboratory right at your fingertips–all for free!

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