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Delayed Academics and the Moore Formula

Delayed Academics, a/k/a the Moore Formula, is based on a balanced approach that includes study, work and service. The Moore's principal research finding encourages parents not to begin a formal, scheduled study for their children before the ages of 8 to 10 or 12.

The Formula

STUDY: In the early years, parents teach their children basic concepts through reading, singing, and playing games.  Few workbooks and textbooks are used, and parents respond to their children's interests. There is no formal education before age 8 and sometimes not until age 12.
WORK: Children start working as soon as they start walking.  They are given household chores and they help manage the home.  They are also taught socialization skills.
SERVICE: Children make regular visits to needy neighbors, nursing homes, and other places in the community where help is needed.

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