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Homeschool Curriculum Providers



Below is an alphabetical list of schools and co-ops offering curriculum tailored to homeschoolers in Indiana. For additional curriculum providers, see our list of nationally recognized providers. If you are looking for particular books or homeschool supplies, see our Curriculum Resources section. For a list of retail stores near you, click here.

Achieve Virtual Academy

Achieve Virtual Academy is Indiana's only online public high school, and it is owned and operated by the Wayne Township school district. As a public school, Achieve Virtual follows the same rules and standards as their counterparts. Indiana students who enroll full time (5 or more classes each semester) can attend at no cost. Part time students will be charged. Please visit their website for more information about their online homeschool option and homeschool curriculum.

Arrow Academy

Arrow Academy is a family-based, experiential learning co-op serving Hamilton County and the surrounding area. Families are responsible for instruction in the core subjects (Reading, Writing, and Math) so that each student can move at his/her own pace/schedule in those areas. Students meet 3 days a week for collaborative group Quests and Socratic Discussion with an emphasis on communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Quests are a four to five-week-long series of collaborative group challenges, connected by a narrative, leading to an exhibition of the completed work and help students learn how to apply core skills. While Arrow Academy does not offer courses in Bible or religion, students will encounter a Christian worldview.

Indiana University High School

Accredited by the North Central Association, the virtual Indiana University High School provides homeschooling families with high-quality courses, instruction, and advising that they can count on.   Homeschool students can supplement their homeschool curriculum, begin (or finish) a diploma, earn credits toward an Indiana University High School diploma for course work they have completed through homeschooling, and take public school courses and transfer the credits to the Indiana University High School diploma program.

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