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Homeschool Curriculum Providers

South Carolina


Below is an alphabetical list of homeschool curriculum publishers and schools offering curriculum tailored to homeschoolers in South Carolina. For additional curriculum providers, see our list of nationally recognized providers. If you are looking for particular books or homeschool supplies, see our Curriculum Resources section. For a list of retail stores near you, click here.

South Carolina Calvert Academy

South Carolina Calvert Academy is a virtual public charter school that offers the best of tradition and innovation in education. The world-renowned Calvert curriculum, instructional oversight by highly qualified, South Carolina state-certified teachers, and cutting-edge technology provide a premier academic experience. South Carolina Calvert Academy creates a learning environment that empowers parents and students and delivers positive academic results.  Enrollment in a virtual, public charter allows you to be intimately involved in your child’s education, while maintaining all of the advantages of public education.

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